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Jewelry Care
Will my sterling silver jewelry tarnish?
YES. Sterling silver jewelry tarnishes because sulfides in the air react with the metals that are in the sterling alloy. The more pollution or humidity (or the closer you live to the beach) the more quickly the jewelry will tarnish. Certain people's body chemistry can react to the sterling to cause it to tarnish more quickly. But most often wearing it will keep the jewelry cleaner and more polished. When you are not wearing your jewelry it is a good idea to keep your pieces in an airtight bag, like the one your jewelry came in. A jewelry box is a great place too.

How do I clean it if it is tarnished?
Please do not put any of our jewelry in a cleaning solution, as it will strip away some of the hand dyed pearls colors and also take away the oxidized parts of the sterling charms and pendants that make Michele Baratta jewelry so unique. Avoiding over-exposure to outdoor elements, such as sunlight and heat, will prolong the life of your stones and pearls. Periodic cleaning with extremely mild soapy water (lukewarm or cool) and polishing with a soft cloth can keep your jewelry beautiful for years. Since most of our jewelry has an oxidized base to enhance the uniqueness of style, we recommend you DO NOT use any silver dipping solutions on any Michele Baratta Jewelry since this will remove all of the black within the jewelry pieces. Instead, for our polished lines, use a soft cloth such as flannel, or a jewelers polishing cloth.

So...please remember to treat your jewelry as the heirlooms we hope they will become someday!

Our jewelry designs are meant to be lasting treasures...
Our jewelry designs are meant to wear well and are made with the highest quality and care. But that doesn't mean you should abuse them. Keep them in a jewelry box when they are not being worn. Don't keep them in the bottom of your purse or on the dashboard of your car. The chain that we use is quite sturdy, but any chain will break if put under enough stress. So...please treat
your jewelry as the heirlooms we hope they will become someday!