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It seems as though we all put our pants on one foot at a time. We eat breakfast with one eye closed while the children bang the pots and pans. Coffee has become a necessity and Starbucks knows it. The children run rampant around the house, the dogs bark, and someone yells for toilet paper. Our lives are crazy and we hit the beds at night like a fish out of water, gasping for air from exhaustion. Our last thoughts of the day fade into a dream until at last, the sun rises and we do it again. Fortunately!

There doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference between us, as we’ve noticed. Our days are busy and full and somehow, we just love it! This is our life, our American life, full of family, BBQ’s, Holidays and laughter. This is the recipe of our day. The best we can say is, Thank God for all that has been given to us. We look around and somehow the grass seems greener and the sky seems bluer.

With the birth of Michele’s first child, Lily, she added a new design style. She wanted to be able to always hold her close to her heart. So, in 1994 Michele designed her first “picture frame pendant” to carry a cherished photo of Lily in it. So was born the inspiration for Michele’s new style.

Soon, others like Sundance Catalog, Jjill, Rivertown Trading, The Land of Nod, and thousands of boutiques around the country realized the comfort one gets from wearing a Michele Baratta picture frame pendant. As the demands grew, so did her passion.

In 1998 Michele had her second child, Tristan; and her inspiration grew even more!

In 2000 Michele lost her Grandmother. She was her conduit to life...her daily inspiration. Her daily phone calls made her day. Just after she passed, Michele had no motivation to continue the business and the breakfast noise of family did not ease her pain. For years she couldn’t be creative. She is a stay at home mom with a career. A jewelry designer. How could she be creative when the path to her inspiration wasn’t there?

"Years passed before the light started to glow again."

In 2002 Michele designed another picture frame pendant to hold her Grandmother close to her heart. She found having her close to her heart eased the pain of her not being here. She somehow found a way of sharing her passion through her jewelry. She then created one for our children. She became inspired again as this “keep the ones you love close to your heart” theory helped her heal. Soon, others like Sundance Catalog, Jjill, Rivertown Trading, and Land of Nod and thousands of boutiques around the country realized the comfort one gets from wearing a Michele Baratta picture frame pendant. As the demands grew, so did her passion. She found it in her heart to be creative again. She had realized the joy people felt when they wore jewelry that they are emotionally attached to. Some wear for memories passed and some wear for the present. It didn’t matter. She filled the void some people had with her jewelry. She filled her void with creativity. Michele’s line grew and grew, and soon, the banging of pots and pans became music, not noise.

The business grew and so did her heart. She found her way in the world in and around family, children, and her business.

How could she explain the overwhelming joy she has working at home, with her children? How could she offer this to others that may need to fill a void? After several years she found a way! Other moms could sell it, and be around their children as well! They could experience the passion she has for business and family. With only a few months passed, there were over 200 “moms” selling our jewelry. The response has been more then we could imagine. Michele found a way to share her joy, passion and creativity.

“Now in the mornings I do one more thing before I put my foot in my pants. I put on my necklace with my children and grandma in the picture frame, right there, next to my heart.”

You see, our mission is not very complex. We had found our passion. We had realized our “Why”.

“We engender the spirit of Womanhood, Harmony and Family balance wrapped around an emotional experience with an opportunity”

We have been given the gift of life and the power to create. We have found family, friends and a home to be the most sacred of all emotions. Our core beliefs and values are simple and our blessings are plentiful. We have found that we can pass along our "Why" to those that seek it.

We invite you to let BellaBranch help you make a few simple decisions that can color your vision of a healthy, full and happy life and give you the emotionally rich jewelry and state of the art technology to grow your business, and achieve your dreams.