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What do you love about Bella Branch by Michele Baratta?

Hi Michele :) I just wanted to tell you that I love my "my heart" necklace! My husband bought it for me when we were in Hawaii 5 years ago and I hardly ever take it off! Since then we have been so lucky to have two children and now I want the perfect necklace to put their photo in - and it has to be one of yours! I love the "my brag" necklace with the two frames hanging one beneath the other. And I love the "portrait of love" necklace! Thank you for creating such wonderful things! Sincerely,

Hilde, Norway

I have had the thought so many times to let you know how much my two children love the Michele Baratta necklaces. They have worn them every day, day and night, in the shower and pool, since I put them around their necks. The only time they come off is for Karate if the Sensei sees it on them. I think Michele should advertise them as necklaces a mother can give her child. They are so well crafted and such a simple design. My daughter has broken so many necklaces prior to this one and my son usually complains about how necklaces feel on him.

Karen, NY

We love the special personalized jewelry that will hold our treasured memories of dear family members & children close to our hearts. I wear my bracelet Guardian Angel all the time to protect.
Thanks so much -

Johnny & Lisa Van Zant  (Lynyrd Skynyrd band
The xBeautiful Heartx necklace took my breath away when I opened the box. It far surpasses the photo by miles; shimmering and sparkling in the light. BIG TIME WOW FACTOR GOIN' ON. I get stopped all the time when I wear it!  My first three compliments were from men who looked, turned and looked again, then bestowed compliments. I ordered the Princess Fire Opal Earrings to go with it. This necklace is so classy, rich, elegant, and timeless --do I sound happy? You bet. What a great purchase. Everybody needs to get this while they can.  Michele Baratta, you've done it again!
Brenda J, UT

I just received the beautiful necklace and charm! What amazing service and what wonderful packaging! I just love them. They truly touched me. Thank you for the great service. It meant so much. I look forward to doing more business with you for many years to come!

Angela Henry, PA

I love ordering from Bella Branch, it’s always so fast and easy!!!

Kelly, WA

Dear Michele~ My parents were high school sweethearts. They loved each other dearly. When my Dad got sick he knew he probably wouldn't make it to my Mom's next birthday. So, he knew that Mom loved Michele Baratta jewelry and asked if I could help pick out the perfect gift. When I showed him the "Soul Mate" bracelet he knew that was the one! It is my Mom's most cherished piece of jewelry! Thank you Michele for helping my father expresses how much he loved my Mom!

Many Thanks,

Brenda, NY

This is Emily Jillette (Penn Jillette's wife). It was nice to meet you at the Country Music Awards gift lounge. I'm looking forward to putting the pictures of my two babies in the necklace and giving it to my mother. She will love it.

Emily Jillette  (wife of comedian ~ Penn and Teller)


I have been wearing Michele's jewellry for years, and always, I am stopped by someone commenting on it. It is unique, beautifully done and so individually mine. What a great gift it is to give whatever the holiday
Thank you!!!

Jennifer Krinston, FL

My bracelet is sooooooooooo Beautiful!  I love Michele’s jewelry!  And the hand wrapping tops it off!


Crista Fisher

Hi Michele!!!!
I just received my bracelet and I’m so love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wish I could afford to buy the other daily special bracelet from this week but alas, I cannot right now.
It is so beautiful and I love buying from all of you - you are the best!
Keep 'em coming!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Valerie, NJ

My husband bought me Untamed Strand of Pearls and Untamed Pearls Hoop Earrings for Christmas last year. He picked them out himself, and needless to say, I was thrilled! We had our family pictures taken recently, and I wore them with my outfit. Just thought I would pass a few along to you. Thanks for making beautiful, affordable, and high quality jewelry!

LeAnn Camp

Obviously, most people who decide to become an affiliate for a company LIKE the product - they'd be crazy to do it if they didn't.  But in my opinion Michele Baratta reps are a different breed.  We ADORE the product!  We are ardent....bordering on rabid!!!  TEE HEE!  I think we put most sports teams’ fans to shame!  It is an ideal solution to have people who love the product so much (WHO ARE GREAT ADVERTISING) be able to continue to share their passion which supports the overall goal of growing the company. 

Maria J, IA

I Love Love Love this Jewelry!!! I wish I had found this a long time ago. I am a military Spouse stationed in Germany so sometimes we are out of touch with what is going on in this states, we have been here for 3 years and will be here for another 3. I can't tell you how much it means to find jewelry with a meaning. Something we can pass on to our kids and share with our family and friends.
Thank you Michele... You are an inspiration!
Tracey M, Germany
~ Stationed overseas Military Spouse German

Thank you for getting my order out and for doing such a beautiful job!!
Everyone appreciates the way they are packaged.
Thanks for all of your hard work and Merry Christmas!
Karin, AZ

My sincere thanks for your time and for the time of the person who did my repairs. I hope your company continues to flourish, as these pieces of jewelry remain favorites of all those who are blessed enough to own one. It means a lot to me to wear a necklace or bracelet that so obviously proclaims what I love and cherish most in a world that often seems caught-up in the wrong ideals. Take care all of you and keep sending beautiful weather our way.
Fondly, Therese R, MI

Dear Michele,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I know that she will be so touched through your kindness and so will her children!  I read your email to a friend and she too, had goosebumps! 
I have only been an affiliate with your company for less than two months but from reading all your testimonials and about what you represent, I know that there is no other company like yours! 
Your talent is a God given gift.  I told my friend that I had emailed you regarding the party and what we hoped to do for her and she said, "God is going to bless this!!" 
I truly believe that there is a reason for everything and God is in control!
Thank you so much for personalizing these gifts!
Lori, PA

I WISH that I would have gotten a Michele Baratta ANYTHING for a shower gift! But she wasn't doing jewelry then (16 years ago). I ended up buying myself some of her jewelry. I have since gotten to know their family and they are genuinely loving people with their hearts in the right place. (Andy, her husband is fun and warm, and her two children are very sweet. My son thinks that her daughter Lily is the nicest girl he knows.) Their personality comes across in Michele's jewelry. Her line of jewelry is beautiful and just looks beautiful on everyone and very unique! Love it! love it! Michele is as beautiful inside as she is outside and it would really make someone feel special to receive any of her pieces as a shower gift. Sometimes Mom gets overlooked in the baby shower process. This idea might even bring tears to Mom's eyes! ...

Cynthia, CA

Michele & family, Lynn and Michele Baratta staff ~ (Elves) Merry Christmas!
Thank you for making this business fun!!!


Lisa W, WI

My necklace just came. It looks wonderful and was packaged
 with such care, it really made my heart smile!
Thank you so much!!!
Cyndie, WI

 It is so refreshing to see something so different, inspirational and from the heart!" I can see where these exquisite pieces can be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom.


Brooke Richards,  C

I love that I can show off my cute kids while wearing a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

I will definitely be a long time customer!


Francesca, VA

My husband bought me the Soul Mate bracelet for our 5 year anniversary. I was in tears when I opened it. He put in a photo of when we got married. I will always cherish this bracelet!

Marilyn, MA

I was so surprised when I received my order that it was wrapped like a gift at no additional charge!  Each step from ordering to receiving my necklace was a great experience!

Hannah,  PA

I just place my first order with you - love your designs. The deal of the day spoke to me since my birthstone is opal and I love pearls. I am treating myself ahead of time since I will be 70 in October. Also my maiden name is Baratta - wonder if we are related?  It will be nice to have a piece of jewelry with my maiden name on it :)
Thank you

Mary Anne Baratta Tucker

I just wanted to tell you that you guys are awesome!!  Thank you for shipping this out so quickly!!  My customer who needs her things this weekend will be so happy!!  Another reason that working for Michele Baratta has been so great!!  Please let those who were involved in getting it out on time know I really appreciate it!!
Aimee,  MI

I'm really enjoying working for your company and the freedoms it gives me as a stay-at-home mother.  I love knowing that I can make a little extra money by just sharing my website.

Tami, Illinois

I just wanted to drop you a brief note and let you know how much my daughter and I love our products that I purchased from you.
I purchased my daughter the "tokens" necklace and she said that everyone notices!  Was a little unsure if she would like the necklace for her birthday and I definitely made the right choice.  Grandma here got a pendant and I have had more compliments or "Who is around your neck?"
Thanks again for a wonderful product.

Connie, ME

This season, I am wearing my B.F.F’s picture in the ~ If we had never met, I would have wished you into being…necklace after losing her on November 4th. The necklace is so darn special to me! I have been selling Michel Baratta jewelry for about 4 years now and have been blessed by the ministry to women that it encourages.
One request I have this Christmas (other than good health & world peace) is for Michele to create a piece that symbols B.F.F. Something only we girls have. We look for it young---treasure it always and it empowers us in ways that nothing else can!!  God Bless.

With Love,
 Cherie, IN

I lost my Mom last year to breast cancer. A dear friend gave me one of Michele Baratta’s heart shaped picture frame necklaces with the words “Cherish” inscribed on it. She put a photo of my Mom in it. How perfect! I love it! I don’t go a day without it.  I just wanted to let you know how much this necklace means to me.
Thank you,
~Jennifer, CA

Hi Michele,

I just received the Heirloom Fire Opal and Pearl Necklace and the Fire Opal Briolette Earrings -  they are absolutely spectacular! - Everything I hoped for and more.  I can't take my eyes off the necklace, so unlike anything I own and together with the earrings, they make a beautiful set. The length of the necklace is perfect - I wanted you to charge me for the extra length - I so appreciate your extra effort.

Right now I am wearing the necklace and earrings with my sweats :) - it is cold here - actually snowed this morning. Thanks for the catalog - I am going to enjoy browsing the pages. Over the weekend I ordered Lily's Pearl and Fire Opal bracelet - thought it would complement the necklace. Have you thought about a necklace to compliment the Wish Upon a Pearl Bracelet? I love your use of the Fire Opal and pearls.

Thank you for creating such beautiful jewelry - it talks to me and makes my heart sing. Speaking of singing - your children are beautiful and so talented - I am sure you are a very proud mother.
Thank you again for accommodating my needs.

Mary Anne, NY


Hi there Michele,

 I am a big fan! I am totally show-off-your-kids kinda mom and love your jewelry. A friend  introduced me to it! She talked about how personable you are and so I thought I would write and ask you about thinking of a new piece. My hubby and I adopt special needs children. Our oldest son died two years ago...he was almost seven. He knew he was 'going to live with Jesus" vs dying...and we talked about our spirits for the months before his death. We talked about how our spirits would live together forever...and Andrew, would always add "forever in our hearts". So when I saw your trio pendant that says forever in my heart, I HAD to have it! We had three children so it was perfect and I wore it just about every day...until...we adopted a fourth child this January. My dream would be to have a pendant with four openings...maybe two by two, side by side. That said forever in our hearts...so if you do special commissions, that would be great. I imagine it might be too expensive for me, but if you do, I would love to know about it. I wondered if you had a plan to do a piece that had four openings.

Thanks for listening!

Hello Deb:
 "I am sitting here with tears running down my face and thinking what a wonderful family you have! And how lucky "Andrew" was to be a part of your family and how lucky you were to have his spirit light up your home even if though it was a short time. There must be a greater plan for him! I do what I do because of the hearts I touch such as yours. I will be doing some designing in a few months and I will definitely add your request to my list. I would be honored to do design a piece with "Andrew" as my inspiration. You are truly an inspiration! Congratulations to your family’s new addition to your family."
 Warmly, Michele Baratta

I bought the personalized necklace with 5 charms with my kid’s names on them about a year ago. I got so many compliments that I ordered 3 more custom necklaces for my sister, my Mom and my BFF. They are going to flip out! And I also added to each necklace a fitting charm of sis, Mom and BFF.  You are so talented Michele!

Stephanie B, CA

I just love Michele Baratta jewelry and I thought long and hard before I purchased the xMy Life Bracelet.x  Yes, it was expensive, but when I opened the box I was so glad I had made this purchase! I canxt stop looking at this bracelet!  .Each charm has a meaning.  This may be my favorite piece from Michele Baratta so far.  You are so talented Michele!!!.
Renee Jenner, NV

My daughter passed away tragically last year and I was searching for something to make me feel closer to her. A friend of mine told me to check out Michele Baratta’s jewelry. I love the Portrait of Love necklace so much! I put a photo of my angel in it. I am constantly stopped by people saying how beautiful my daughter is in the necklace. I get to talk about her without having to tell people she died. It has helped me heal. It may sound silly, by my spirit has been lifted by wearing this necklace. THANK YOU Michele for sharing your designs with the world!!!! I can feel that you put your heart in all of your jewelry. I would definitely recommend this beautiful necklace!

Ashley’s Mom,  HI

Thank you so much for the beautiful necklace you sent me! I would like to thank Michele too. I just love the necklace! I can't wait to find just the right photos of my kids to put in it. I really love the designs on the website too. Michele is so talented and unique. Please let her know I received her thoughtful gift and how much it meant to me. I will think of your thoughtfulness every time I wear the special necklace.
Sue, NY

I have been a Michele Baratta fan for almost 12 years!  I bought my first piece from Sundance Catalog and it still is so beautiful!  What I love the most about Michele’s jewelry is that there seems to be a soul in each piece.  It’s not just a piece of jewelry!!!  You are so talented Michele and I will be a fan forever!

Krissy,  Ontario

I bought the “Portrait of Love” necklace for myself. It was worth every penny! It is so solid and high quality. And it is made in the USA, which makes it even more awesome! I have 5 children and the photo fits perfect!
Thank you!!!

Rhonda L,  WY

Every piece I have of Michele Baratta's jewelry is awesome! The quality and unique style is so unusual. Every piece is more beautiful in person!!!! The details are what set Michele apart. I love the bead that says "Love, Live, Laugh" on it. And the bead with "xoxoxo", And there are hidden little hearts. Thank you for sharing your talent Michele!

Gretchen W, UT

Michele, you never disappoint!  I just love my Brag Necklace!!!  I added a personalized name charm with my daughter’s name.  It has such a handmade feeling.  That’s what I love about your jewelry!  Thank you for sharing your talent!

Bethany,  MI

Thank you so very much for getting this order out to me so quickly, even though I sent this in after the deadline. I just told some friends today how wonderful you are and how important you make us all feel. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Leticia, CA

I bought the “My True Self” necklace on a whim for my youngest daughter and had it shipped to her at her college. When she made the "Thank you" phone call, I thought she would cry - said it was the best gift ever!!! Now, how am I going to top THAT for her birthday? Michele Baratta I'll be back!!!

Christine Jenkins, FL

Michele, I would give a "MILLION STARS" if there was an option on your website!!!! My daughter passed away last year. My good friend gave me this necklace so I could have a picture of my little angel in it. It has helped me to heal because I can talk about her. People always stop and say how they love my necklace! And they say how beautiful my daughter is! Thank you Michele for designing such a perfect memorial keepsake!!!!!


Michelle K,  NJ

I have always admired Michele Baratta’s artistry; especially the collectors charm bracelet. I bought it for my 50th birthday and during a sale...what a gift! I was hoping that it would be a substantial piece in weight and size; I am tall and don't wear dainty jewelry. I am thrilled with it! There is so much to explore; I can't stop looking at it! One more thing…I love how every order is wrapped like a gift!!

Melanie Z,  CO

My daughter gave this to me The “My True Self” necklace for my birthday…knowing how much the sentiment on the token is perfect for me; it's very meaningful for every day of my life. Michele's pieces are beautiful, and I always well-priced for such wonderfully crafted artisan jewelry--I consider it a piece of art. I believe that Michele puts her heart into every piece she makes, and my daughter giving this to me makes it super-special. People ask me all the time where I got my necklace and I’m proud to tell them...plus it's handcrafted in the USA! Thank you Michele and my beautiful daughter for this lovely piece.

Anna Jacobs,  MT

Michele, I wanted to thank you for designing such a beautiful bracelet.  I bought the collector’s bracelet for my wife for Christmas, and I was so excited about it I ended up giving it to her early!! Amazing craftsmanship and artistry in this piece. You are so talented and I thank you!

Andrew,  ME


"This is a first class company!!!” I received my order within a few days...which was awesome! And when I opened the box it was wrapped in a cool clear bag with shredded red paper in the bag and a satin ribbon. It was so adorable! I've never seen such a unique wrapping that you didn’t pay for! The necklace was made very well and my wife loved it. It was so easy to insert my photo of our kids. I will buy many more things from the Bell Branch because the quality of their stuff is great."

Kevin S,  KY

I was so very happy with my necklace. It arrived looking just as beautiful as it did in the picture on the website. In fact, the quality was even better in person. Inserting the photo was super easy.

Marcela,  VT

I’m a big fan of Michele’s jewelry!  Every piece is so sentimental.  And the stories that Michele writes that inspired each piece make it have so much more meaning.  I’m a fan for life!

Roberta, SC

I had to write to let you know how much a love my photo necklace!  I have twins so I also had name tags personalized.  I am more than happy!!!

Tina,  TN


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