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Bella Branch

Bella Branch Affiliate Program FAQ's
Well Known Brand.
Sold to Nordstroms, Sundance Catalog, Macy's, JJill for over 15 years...

Amazing Opportunity
Join the Bella Branch by Michele Baratta Affiliate Program today!

1. How long will the Bella Branch Affiliate Program be available?
We are only allowing the first 500 people to join. That's it! But, once you are a Bella Branch member you are one for life!

2. How much is the Bella Branch Affiliate Program to join?
We have 2 options. Free & $12.95/mo

3. Is there a monthly fee?
Yes: If you want to earn 25% on each sale, you have to be a "Club Bella" member & all you have to pay is just $12.95/mo for your website hosting.
No: If you want to earn 10%, then there is no monthly charge & you are an "Affiliate" (with your own website or blog)

4. Is there a minimum?
NOPE. Quit whenever you want! But, you won't be available for commissions on your sales or those that have signed up under you.

5. Do I have access to the back office?

6. Can I buy marketing material to promote my new website?
Yes. We have a state of the art Print on Demand center with business cards, postcards and a lot more.

7. Can people shop at my personal website?

8. Will I earn commissions on those shopping at my website?
Yes. 10%-35%.

9. What if I have a friend or someone I don't know wants to join Bella Branch Affiliate Program. Can I earn a commission on the jewelry they purchase?
Yes, you will earn 25% commission on your sales and 10% commissions on the commissions of anyone who signs under you.

10. What if someone signs up under them? Do I earn a commission on their sales?
Yes, you will earn 10% commission on their commissions and everyones commission for 10 levels down.

11. How do I buy jewelry at 25% off after my initial sign up purchase?
Simply shop at your very own website. It will be retail, however you will receive 25% back deposited directly to your paypal account.

12. How long does it take to get my 25% commission?
Approximately 30-45 days at first, then every month on or about the 7th.

13. How do I get paid?
Your payments will go directly to your paypal account.

14. If there is a sale on the Bella Branch site, do I still earn 25%?
Yes, you will earn 25% on every item you purchase or sell through your personal website.

15. Can I sign people up and build a team?
YES. You can sign people up, however you will not earn royalties on their sales unless you are a monthly subscribing affiliate.

16. Is there a time commitment as a Bella Branch Affiliate?
You can spend as much time or as little time promoting your website as you would like. It's really up to you.

17. If I decide not to be a Bella Branch Affilate anymore what do I do?
Just let us know and we will be happy deactivate your website OR you can access your paypal account and cancel. We'll be notified and cancel your subscription. Note that you will no longer receive commissions.

18. Will I receive a 1099?
If you earn more than $600 in commissions you will receive a 1099

19. What is my website name?
It is either <First Name>.MyBellaBranch.com or <First Name Last Name>.MyBellaBranch.com - We'll use your First Name until it is being used.

20. What are the requirements to be a Bella Branch affiliate?
For the FREE Affiliate version, you must have a live website or blog for review, and it must be a family friendly website or blog. If you become a Club Bella member, you get a personal website when you sign up.

21. Are any pay-per-click or seo words/ terms forbidden?
Bidding on and optimizing your site with our trademarked terms are forbidden including any use of " bellabranch.com”, “Bella Branch”, “michelebaratta.com”, “shopmichele.com”, “MicheleBaratta” or any phrases containing our trade-marked terms.

22. How do Bella Branch affiliates earn commission?
Affiliates earn commission by referring customers who complete the checkout process through www.BellaBranch.com.

23. What is the timeframe for tracking returning visitors?
All banners and text links will be trackable via a 365-day return cookie embedded with your affiliate ID information.

24. When will I see my commissions in the back office?
You won't see commissions due in your back office until our system "approves" them.  The default is set to 30days. Our system will hold them as pending for 30 days.  If there are no refunds, returns or exchanges, it will automatically be scheduled to be paid.

We don't show them in case there is a return, etc.  AND, we don't want affiliates to see a commission owed, then revoked due to an exchange, return or refund.

25. Tell me more about sharing my link on social websites?
If you share a product, you must put your affiliate link on the comments section, or you will not receive credit for any orders unless they click your link.

You can shorten your affiliate link by going here:  www.bit.ly
You will see your personal link in your back office.

Also, remember... Once someone clicks on your personal link, they'll be tied to your account as long as you remain active!
AND - They don't have to remember your link ever again! Our system remembers it. AND, they can't even clear it away by removing history, or clearing their cookies!

Stay tuned. We will periodically add to the FAQ section