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About Michele
I have always known how wonderful life is, and have never taken it for granted. I have two beautiful children that constantly remind me
of how fortunate I am.
I have a supportive husband, Andrew, who is the CEO and Co-Founder.
and yes!...
We do make everything by hand and we are very proud to say we are "MADE IN AMERICA"

Michele Baratta's jewelry is not just made by hand; it's made with heart "Inspired by Heartfelt Emotion."

Her charms etched with symbolic images and inscribed with words and phrases are deeply personal expressions of her life.

Much of Michele's jewelry designs are meant to hold a cherished photo; portraits that reinterpret memory, fleeting images of loved ones, suggestions of family and the passage of generations. Any one of them makes a meaningful gift.
Each piece of jewelry has a story, which brings it to life. It's not just beautiful jewelry... it's meaningful and has personality. Because Michele sculpts her designs by hand you will often see a partial imprint of her fingerprint. Her signature jewelry has a true artisan look and is never meant to be perfect, much like life.

Michele Baratta is unique in the jewelry world. Unlike other jewelry companies we don’t purchase our jewelry from different vendors in other countries and then resell it. Our jewelry is "MADE IN AMERICA" Michele actually designs every piece.

Michele continues to change and expand her line in ways that are endlessly surprising and satisfying.

When a woman purchases a brand of jewelry with a person’s name behind it, there is a degree of wonder about what the designer. Who is she? What’s she like?
We invite you to see where the passion comes from - to see the long history of success as a designer.

We also invite you to spend a few minutes reviewing the details that go into each and every piece!